CDS Lumber Exports Inc 


Bob has 45+ years in the wood industry and holds a Master Lumberman diploma. Bob is in charge of: securing logs for our custom mill program;  managing and running our cuts; writing grading and inspection reports. Prior to forming CDS, Bob has worked in many positions in the forest industry including log yard/buyer manager, production manager, quality control superintendent, mill production manager, and North American sales manager. Bob is an avid birder and enjoys cottage life with his wife Marie. 

General Manager

Dylan has been working in the wood industry since 1997 with experience in log scaling, lumber grading, and overseas marketing and sales. He started in the forest industry as a forklift operator and then in re-manning and grading lumber and finally, settling in sales and exporting timber. Dylan's education and experience has been hands on, building a sound network of industry professionals in foreign markets such as China, Japan, Korea, Europe, and India. Dylan enjoys road cycling and hitting the slopes with his family.

Office Manager

Norma has been in the wood industry for 20+ years. Norma is the backbone of our company, managing our office and taking care of logistics, inventory, and accounts. When Norma isn't in the office, she is at home, cleaning up the remnants of a delicious meal cooked by her husband or taking her rambunctious dog for a walk.

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