International sourcing

Since 2006 CDS has been sourcing forestry products for our clients worldwide. We have extensive experience in countries such as USA, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Uruguay. Below are the current products we are sourcing for our clients. At CDS we only deal with the direct source manufacturer so be assured you are getting the best product at the best price.

Costa Rica

 Mill/plantation direct from Costa Rica. At CDS we are working direct with a mill/plantation to help them with all their exports of lumber, squares, and logs. They are one of the few mill/plantations that has older 40+ year trees/logs. The mill is capable of producing rough lumber, S1S2E/S4S, and Kiln drying. We can also produce rough squares and export raw logs. Below are some of the products we have.

Rough (smooth sawn lumber) KD A grade from 40+ year old teak FSC Certified

  • 2x4 

  • 2x5

  • 2x6 

  • 2x8 

  • Lengths 7-12ft

  • 2x10 and 2x12 on special order and price and volume to be discussed

S1S2E decking KD A grade from 40+ year old teak FSC Certified

  • 2x4

  • 2x5 

  • 2x6 

  • Lengths 7-12ft

T&G Flooring KD A grade from 40+ year old teak FSC Certified

  • ¾ x 4 

  • ¾ x 5 

  • ¾ x 6 

  • Lengths 3-6ft

Teak logs 40+ years old (FSC) and 20+ years old (FSC and non FSC)

Teak rough squares

Please email or call for current pricing and photos.

East Coast USA

From East Coast USA we have direct loggers with sources of Walnut, Oak, Poplar, Ash, and Southern Yellow Pine. 

Please email or call for more details.

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